... Linda Mikell, commented about the special project that Veriditas Facilitators, Sr. Lorry Villemaire, ssj and Cathy Rigali, have developed at the the Hampshire Jail and House of Corrections. Regarding the labyrinth ministry they established at the Northhampton facility, Linda wrote,

“It truly speaks to the transformational potential of the labyrinth.”

To help empower others to bring similar resources and ministries into additional incarceration facilities, Lorry and Cathy have created the documentary video above, and also “how-to” books and DvD Educator’s Resource.  You can order these resources by CLICKING HERE.

For information on the wider labyrinth endeavors of the Sisters of St. Joseph, CLICK HERE.

For information on wider labyrinth endeavors of the Labyrinth Connection of Western Massachusetts, CLICK HERE.

The editor for VeriditasLittle Miracles On The Path initiative,...

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Click here to read a poem by Lorry Villemaire, inspired by The Red-Tail Hawk labyrinth../labyrinth_pages/prisoners_poem.html

Please Note:

As this labyrinth is located in a secure correctional facility, it is unavailable for use by the general public.