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Occasionally, someone will ask if they can use a photo of mine. For non-profit work, labyrinth facilitators, environmental activists, spiritual leaders, and others just interested in something my photography prayer life has noticed -- I will usually say “yes, sure” if the intent of their interest is to somehow “open the table of inclusion to all,” make room for the holy in their work, care for the more-than-human work, help others along their spiritual paths of grace, seek to heal the divisions within the human community, or generally help others find empowerment for their life and work in this world. 

Please, if you choose to use any of my photos, I only ask that you give credit, in writing, such as:

“© Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn,, used with permission, all rights reserved.”

Please do not use my photos as a direct means for gaining financial profit. Do not sell my photos. Do not use them in a way that condemns or judges others, reflects negatively on me, or suggests that any creature (human or more-than-human) is not included in the intended community of divine love.

If you are looking for a particular resolution of a photo I have on Flickr, please follow the instructions below:

  1. 1. Click on a link above, and your browser will open to a particular set or collection of photos.

  2. 2. On that browser window of photos, click on the icon or name of set that interests you.

  3. 3. If, the next window is a set of photos, click on a particular photo icon.

  4. 4. Once you are on the default photo page of one particular photo, click on the “Actions” dropdown menu link above the upper left corner of the photo, and choose the option “ View All Sizes.”

  5. 5. In the next window, click on the size option of your choice above the photo.

  6. 6. When a window with that size photo comes up, click on the download option above the photo that reads, “Download the _______ size of this photo”, or drag the photo from the browser window to your desktop.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at:

Or, you may contact me through my Facebook:

Warren Lynn