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labyrinths as spiritual tools within the Christian tradition date back to at least  the fourth century, and were in considerable use by the Franco-Christian community in the late 12th century. 

Today, in the 21st century, labyrinths are, once again, in wide use by Christians across North America, Europe, portions of Africa and in other global communities. This archetypal tool is used in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes, from therapeutic to pietistic, pragmatic to mystical and intuitive. These unicursal geographic patterns of spirituality offer a blank slate, so to speak, on which to develop greater intimacy with God, and also one’s self, as well as the wider human community.

The links at left offer only a few entry points along the way toward all the innumerable possibilities that people in the wider Christian community have found for using labyrinths as spiritual tools to restore, transform, empower, and maintain deeply abiding vitality in their holistic lives.

abiding (seattle center labyrinth experience)

african-american labyrinth pamphlet

american cancer society & labyrinths

ash wednesday labyrinth walk idea

basic introduction to labyrinths

blessing/dedication of labyrinth examples--

    • christian litany (lisa gidlow moriarty)

    • consecration (episcopal) of facility addition

    • jill geoffrion’s blessings/dedications

    • saint joseph parish; shelburne falls, ma

    • spiritual growth network of kentucky

    • shalom labyrinth; mt. angel, or (youtube)

buying a portable canvas labyrinth

churches and labyrinth -- one story

circles in the sand -- ephemeral beach labyrinths

coloring book -- fine arts labyrinths (free download)

concise labyrinth bibliography

considerations for labyrinth walk

contemplative mind - labyrinth info

constructing labyrinths

direction signs to labyrinth (place around

your building)

directories (online) of labyrinths

downloadable labyrinth-walk music walking the labyrinth

facilitator certification

facebook labyrinth pages--

    • chartres cathedral labyrinths

    • children and the labyrinth group

    • classical labyrinths

    • global healing response

    • labyrinth communities journey

    • labyrinth makers forum

    • the labyrinth society

    • the new jersey labyrinth project

    • the story path for children formation

    • veriditas labyrinth group

    • walking a labyrinth (vancouver, B.C.)

finally I got it! (Lorette Waggoner)

finger labyrinth & journal page

finger labyrinth suggestions

global healing response (G.H.R.)

graphics of solid color labyrinths

graphics of partial tone labyrinths

guidance through the labyrinth

guides & meditations

health care settings & labyrinths

hong kong labyrinth walk

hospital labyrinth use information

jill geoffrion: labyrinth resources

john ridder: labyrinth builder

kids & labyrinths:

    activities for kids

    labyrinth resources for classroom

    labyrinths in schools

    coloring book of labyrinths

labyrinths in churches -- one story

labyrinths through the ages presentation

labyrinth wellness, llc

lauren artress: contemporary Amma of the modern global labyrinth movement

    - lauren artress: self portrait

lea goode-harris: santa rosa labyrinth

    - lea’s walking with haiti poem

liturgical prayer walk ideas (pilgrim paths)

longest day meditation (southern hemisphere)

longest night walk guide pdf download

longest night walk flyer example

map (interactive) of Canadian labyrinths

map (interactive) of U.S. labyrinths

masking tape labyrinth movie

medieval tool for postmodern age

meditation tool: labyrinth

middle places: middle of labyrinth

music to download (free) for walks

more music (free to download) 2.0

musical playlist suggestions: for open labyrinth walks


ancient tools for modern times...   

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