dancing on the edge

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Rock-climbing is often about a journey of personal conquest; overcoming challenge for the sake of a goal.  

But what happens when one’s time spent on the face of a rock cliff becomes less about getting to the top, and more about mindfully, creatively, lingering in the liminal space between beginning and end -- in order to intimately engage spirit, beauty, and the other for the sake of being more who each is called to be, personally and within community?

It is in these “in-between” places where experiences range from wrestling with angels to singing the magnificat. And, it is in lingering in such places that one is invited to embrace holiness.

Such has me wondering. If mountaineering skills can be used as a means to practice life amidst one’s spiritual depth,

...how might the ordinary practices of each day be approached, less as a means for utilitarian, even selfish, accomplishment, and more a way to dance with Spirit?

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