Bill Worrell

There must be Peace

If there is to be Love

There must be willingness to Love

If there is to be Peace.

There must be Forgiveness

If Peace and Love are to be sustained

It is time

We put to an end

Things that divide us

It is time to begin

To let Peace and Love unite us

It is time

To let Light and Reason guide us

It is time

That all people re-direct wars and aggressions -

Not toward fellow beings

But direct them against ignorance

Against poverty

Against prejudice

Against disease

Against suffering

And against the viral and microbial forces

Which have always plagued human well being

It is time for Peace

And for mutual, symbiotic co-existence

It is time

It is time

It is time

Among the greatest of paradoxes

Is that war leads to peace,

But is has done so.

Among the greatest of errors

Is to think Evil will engage in reason

Evil will not engage in reason

And it is evil to indulge evil


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A Time For Peace

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