Walking With Haiti

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for Haiti

Santa Rosa, CA USA

It is dark,


and cold here…

I am alone…

I step forward and light

the heart space…

blazing light sizzles in the damp night

connecting me in circles ever expanding

as I step onto this lone path…

I walk in silence,

my heart full of thoughts

of those who’s night is ever deeper,

where even though the sun shines…

their despair reaches…

searching for meaning to a world turned upside down,

shaken and broken...

their humanity seen by those who will look . . .

. . . Walking this path,

I reach back, touching the hands of those walking

around the world,

weaving our love to hold that which is no more,

to that unknown

where all life ends and begins again…

Asking for compassion,





recognizing our face in other,

being present with this step,

and the next…

holding our light,


so others may find their way home…