Stories are much more than make-believe ...


... stories make the world come alive in our souls, and sometimes literally too.  Some say Gd’s creation of the cosmos was only intended to be a story. But as often is with story-telling, when Gd began to speak the words -- the story gave birth to a new reality so much more powerful than the story itself.

Some think a good story-teller -- one who is engaging, entertaining, dramatic -- is not much more than an oral clown holding our attention with hyperbole, humor and suspense. But, the best story-tellers are more like spiritual mid-wives, creating the mystical conditions in our lives wherein new possibility is actually birthed.

Within the Christian tradition, a good story-teller in the pulpit can open your life up to the heavens, make Gd’s mystery manifest itself right before the eyes of your soul, heal dis-ease with the touch of a good word, banish demons, infest your spirit with joy, illuminate Truth. Some think Jesus was mostly just a good story-teller. I guess Jesus takes after the Creator of the cosmos; call it good parenting and divine genetics, if you will.

Amidst a world full of stories, there will be some guided by tomes of tragedy and pain. Others will be inspired by tales of hope and love. Some will shape their lives based on sagas of violence and greed, while others will let epic narratives of generosity and compassion direct their thoughts and actions.

So it is true, we each must decide what stories we will allow to shape our lives. And, we must choose what stories we will tell the world around us. Always, we should do so with great care; words are powerful in and of themselves, but a collection of words carefully crafted into a story -- even more so.

May the stories and other wisdom linked on this page offer you guidance along the way.

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