friends of the mystery

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small group spirituality practice

(time frame   •   about two hours per gathering)

Begin (10- 12 minutes maximum)

                • Light candle of community, signaling our beginning and

               welcoming the moment together as a sacred guest.

                • a sentence or two regarding how each person is at this time.

Period of Silence (10 minutes)

                • three chimes of bell to announce the beginning of our silence.

                • silent focus on personal, interpersonal, structural or environmental arenas.

                • three chimes of bell to announce a closure to our time of silence.

End Silence & Sharing (60 minutes or so....who knows?)

                • the session’s facilitator offers a few words inviting the group to describe

                    how the Mystery (which we  call God) has been present in their lives.

                • Each person who wishes shares in turn.

                • NO Cross talk.

Period of Reverence (2 minutes)

                • group will use time to consider impact of sharing.

Summary (3 minutes maximum)

                • The facilitator asks each person how the sharing was for them.

                • Each one offers a word or phrase describing how they are after sharing.

Evaluation & Dialogue (15 minutes)

                • The facilitator poses the question “How has the Mystery of God been

                    present in this sharing here and now?”  

                • Each person describes what touched them in this meeting.

                • Dialogue is encouraged.

Discernment of Theme (5 minutes maximum)

                • Look for a theme in the “touches”.

                • Dialogue is encouraged.

                    [to the Greeks dia-logos meant a free-flowing  of meaning, “faith” through  

                       a group allowing the group to discover insights, “god” not attainable                        

                       individually. Dialogue differs from the more common “discussion” which

                       holds similar roots with “percussion” and “concussion”, literally a heaving

                       of ideas (not meaning) back and forth in a winner-takes-all competition.]

Savoring (3 -5 minutes)

                • If an insight, spiritual principle or truth statement

                        emerges to the group from the Mystery,

                        then take time to savor it and perhaps pray.

Choosing (3 minutes maximum)

                • Choose:

                        - a facilitator from the group for the next time of gathering,

                        - a time,

                        - a place of next gathering..

Adjourn at the appointed time.

© Warren Lynn; 2001. Based on process learned from the Rev. Ronald Greene, Disciples of Christ pastor.

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