the human ability to be healed and whole ...


... is a remarkable gift from God that each human already possesses. This resource, deeply centered in our being, is already available, and waiting to be freed and put to use in our living and learning.  The names of ways in which people attend to this gift are many; some call it prayer, meditation, mindfulness, centering, stillness, paying attention, and more.

Such ability to let your body become a partner in the process of its own healing is a powerful reality. Whether effectively attending to stress, chronic pain and illness, anxiety, sleep disorders, fatigue, high blood pressure, headaches, self-esteem and more -- such an endeavor can be life-renewing. While this gift is not a replacement for medical care, it can be a viable companion to other forms of therapy as we unlock our God-given potential to healthier life and deeper Presence in our living.

You are invited to take a look at the links on the left side of this page to learn more about mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR); one way used to empower the potential for healing and wholeness that is already ours.

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