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... invited to take up has often been noted as that of caring for creation (Genesis 1: 26-31).  Of course, misinterpreted “dominion” language has sometimes gotten in the way and led such practice off onto dangerous and distracted pathways overgrown with destruction, violence, and injustice toward G_d’s more-than-human world.

In the face of concerns regarding global climate change, life-altering pollution, world-wide food supply concerns, lack of clean water and sanitation for too-many of our global neighbors, whole-species genocide due to wars and other unsustainable practices, and more -- caring for G_d’s creation, as a spiritual practice, should be a foundational consideration for the Christian faith in each of our lives.

But let us not take up such practice from a place of fear and foreboding; let us do so, instead, as a whole-hearted commitment from a deep place of hope for what can be, and a deep-seated conviction for who and how we are called to be, as those assigned by G_d to be mid-wives and shepherds for everything G_d has brought forth and called “good.”

The first spiritual practice humans were ...