Recipes from my Kitchen

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Here’s a few of my favorite Recipes!

How do such recipes relate to Spiritual Practice?  Why not start by mindfully crafting any particular recipe with an attitude of abiding love for those with whom you will be sharing it. And, as you prepare each ingredient that goes into the recipe -- prayerfully consider with deep gratitude where it came from, the land and plants and animals and people involved in making it possible for you to have that item. And, when it is finally done and you are eating the actual food you created, savor it, don’t eat too much, and again give joyful and prayerful thanks for the abundant grace that makes such deliciousness possible.

Each day is just another ordinary day, unless you make it holy by letting your life become a doorway through which G_d can enter the world. A flourless chocolate cake would be a wonderful way to help others experience who G_d really is for us in our lives!

I hope you enjoy these recipes. Each Recipe name below is a

download link to a PDF copy of the recipe noted.

flourless chocolate cake & blackberry sorbet

Mom’s Granola

Turkey Soup

Buttermilk Scones

Carmelize Nut Tart



Loui Loui Salad

Puppy Chow