Funding Sources

opportunities for new vitality and health...    

... are often dependent upon the generosity and grace of others.  In our day and age, the wise and relatively simple actions of a congregation giving enough time and money for ongoing development of pastoral leadership, setting up a sabbatical policy and funds for such, and making a priority for annual spiritual renewal of their pastor(s) is a generous and grace-filled endeavor. Such care can actually allow God’s Spirit to inhabit the entire congregation more deeply. These actions can, indeed, increase the vitality of not just the pastor, but also the parish!

But, sometimes, what is needed cannot be accomplished by the congregation and pastor alone. Sometimes, worthwhile visions for what can, and should, be exceed local resources. In those times, it is a blessing when there are a few other advocates for clergy renewal and vitality in this world who are inviting our clergy and congregations into greater partnerships of vocational transformation.

Take a look at the left for links to organizations of wonderful people who generously offer varying kinds of financial support in the name of pastoral excellence.

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