Spiritual Gifts & Talents Inventories

things for which we have a passion or do well...

... can always be understood from a spiritual perspective.  Do you love to entertain?  Could it be that one of your spiritual gifts is hospitality?  Are you great at implementing and running programs or events from start to finish? Perhaps, one of your spiritual gifts is Administration.  Do you enjoy some form of artistic endeavor? Perhaps one of your passions is caring for those who are ill, or serving as an advocate for those who are under-served? Are you someone who has to be active or a person who loves to sit quietly in thought?

How might who you are, or what you do well, or even what you do not do well, help you understand your life in a spiritual context; help you recognize the spiritual talents with which your life has been gifted?

On this page, you will discover a few self-assessment tools to help you consider the spiritual gifts you have in your life.  Of course, you might also speak with friends, asking them what they see as possibly special gifts of ability and/or passions in your life; where they see your priorities and talents connecting to Spirit.  

Once you gain some insight into the spiritual gifts found in your life, some next questions to ask regard how you will facilitate such gifts toward services of compassion and grace. What can you do to develop these possible gifts through training, education, and experience? How will your gifts be shared generously in the world around you? How will your gifts be used in ways that strengthen your ability to be who you are called to be within the human and even more-than-human realm of God’s creation?