Celebrating the life and legacy of

Veronica S. Lassen

May 16, 1955 to March 7, 2010

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Veronica was born in San Mateo, CA and grew up near Santa Cruz. She graduated from Humbolt State University with a BS in Wildlife Management. Her love of nature and the wilderness served her well in a variety of early jobs, including teaching in Outdoor Schools and working in Wildlife Refuge areas. Wilderness was Veronica’s true home. She loved hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, kayaking, anything that put her in touch with nature.

She gave birth to two daughters she dearly loved, Zoe and Maia, with first husband, Michael Purser. She moved to the Palouse in 1987 and became deeply involved in the life of the community. She attended Seattle Midwifery School from 1996 to 2000. Following graduation she returned to Pullman and established Palouse Hills Midwifery to provide quality, compassionate prenatal, home-birth delivery and postnatal care. Veronica’s hands helped to welcome many children into the world in a natural and loving way.

In 2004 she married Roger Lynn. They had been looking for each other their whole lives and together their love allowed them to become more fully themselves and illuminated the world around them.

Veronica had a passion for learning, growing and seeking new ways in which she could help heal the wounds of the world. This passion led her to embrace Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication. She saw NVC as a powerful tool for bringing people together in genuine, heartfelt connection. She taught classes, led workshops, attended trainings, and was on track to becoming an NVC Certified Trainer later this spring. Most recently she discovered a gift for Life Coaching, which she combined with her NVC skills to help people unleash their own passions and potential.

Veronica’s spiritual life was broad and deep - encompassing many traditions while not being contained by any. She was a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse, danced with the Sufis in Hamilton MT, sang with Christians in her husband’s churches, lit the menorah in solidarity with Jewish friends, engaged in Buddhist practices, walked the labyrinth and indulged her creative spirit through watercolor, batik, sculpture and poetry. She lived in the reality of the unity of all creation.

In late February Veronica was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Then on Sunday, March 7th, while recovering from surgery, she died, most probably from a blood clot. Her beloved family includes her husband, Roger Lynn; daughters Zoe Lassen-Purser and Maia Lassen-Purser; sister, Taffeta (Cook) Lassen. She will be remembered by family and friends for her laughter, her vitality, her love, her passion for life and her desire to bring healing to the world.

A service celebrating Veronica’s life was held on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 4 p.m. at Community Congregational UCC, 525 NE Campus Street in Pullman. A potluck dinner reception and an opportunity to share in Dances of Universal Peace followed.

To My Selves...

     You are not alone.

     There is no alone.

     You’ve never been alone.

     For we are One

     Even in your despair...

                ~ Veronica Lassen

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