... a few years ago, the Native American Flute Ensemble, Shilombish, offered a spiritual tapestry of contemplative music, to facilitate those who gathered to meditate and pray.

This labyrinth walk was held at North Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana during the 2012 Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.  At this event, entitled an “Evening of Light,” the music and labyrinth walk offered a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of the season, a time to release the truth of winter in folk’s lives, and to claim new light and freedom for living.

The time was, indeed, a gift from North Christian Church to the public.

The remarkable musicians for the evening, Carol Hatfield Patrick Nielander and Gary Cope, are also participants in the Indiana Flute Circle. While their music is improvisational, they were guided by the spirit of a long and quiet evening, and their own history of playing together, as well as the presence of those who walked.

Recordings from that evening are now available as free MP3 downloads on this page.

With blessings from the musicians, you are invited to use these musical tracks for your own labyrinth walks, quiet prayer and meditation times, or for other purposes that nurture and empower your soul.

During a late winter labyrinth walk ...

Music for a Late Winter's Eve

htt{}Downloadable Tracks

Carol Hatfield, Patrick Nielander, Gary Cope



(click any track link to play; right-click to download)

     01.     The First Breath

     02.     Light & Dark, Part I

     03.     Light & Dark, Part II

     04.     Fincastle Waltz

     05.     Earl's Waltz

     06.     As the Crow Flies

     07.     Solo Reflections (Gary Cope)

     08.     The Spirit of the Strings

     09.     Naming the Clouds

     10.     Wooden Wheels and Cobblestones

     11.     Solo Reflections (Carol Hatfield)

     12.     Dark Blue

     13.     Wonder and Fascination

     14.     Freedom Road

     15.     Solo Reflections, (Patrick Nielander)

     16.     The Last Breath

     17.     Closing the Labyrinth

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