... a labyrinth walk was held in Indianapolis, Indiana during the longest night of the year. Accompanying the walk, a couple members of the Shilombish Native American Flute Ensemble provided live music amidst the candle light of the evening, helping to deepen the experience of those who followed the labyrinth’s pathway.

The remarkable musicians for the evening, Carol Hatfield and Gary Cope, are also participants in the Indiana Flute Circle. While their music was improvisational, they were guided by the spirit of the quiet evening, as well as the presence of those who walked.

Anticipating that the evening’s music might be quite special, each track was recorded so that it could be shared with others in the future.

And so, the recordings from that evening are now available as free MP3 downloads from this page. You can also stream the music through the link on the left side of this page.

With blessings from the musicians, you are invited to use these musical tracks for your own labyrinth walks, quiet prayer and meditation times, or for other purposes that nurture and empower your soul.

On the Winter Solstice of 2010...

Music for contemplation

The Labyrinth Session

Downloadable Tracks

by Carol Hatfield & Gary Cope

(click any track link to download)

     01 Commencement

     02 Reflections

     03 The Hard Part Of The Path

     04 Mindfulness

     05 Persistently

     06 Solitude

     07 Contemplation

     08 Tribulation

     09 Step By Step

     10 Reflections II

     11 Strife, Then Harmony

     12 The Circle

     13 Moonglow (finale)


( album will stream in player above as long as you maintain an internet connection )


Gary Cope:

    lute guitar, weissenborn slide

    guitar, ukulele, zongruan,

    Native American flutes,

    keyboard, sampling effects

Carol Hatfield:

    Native American flutes,


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