creating a masking tape labyrinth

Tape labyrinths can be an inexpensive way to create a useable and attractive design for an evening or couple-day event. With care that you don't leave the tape down for more than a couple days, so the adhesive doesn't transfer to the floor surface, you should be okay with an easy clean-up by simply removing the tape.  If you are really concerned about leaving residue on the floor, because the floor surface is older or not in good shape, you can also use Painters Tape with a longer clean-release time, or even Pro-Gaff Tape for larger installations.

When purchasing masking tape, you'll want to choose a higher-quality product that advertises the longest "clean-release" or "safe-release" possible, often a couple to a few days.

Below are some videos of tape labyrinth builds, and a similar build outside using turf paint.

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