contemporary Lord's Prayer

Oh God, who is in all places, whether known or unknown,

    We affirm your utmost holiness,

        regardless of any name by which you are called.

May your ways of life, your intention for all of creation,

    be how we live and think and act --

        in this world, and beyond.

May we seek for this day --

    only just enough for ourselves, and no more,

And we ask that you forgive our over-bearing attitudes

    and efforts of self-entitlement,

         but only as much as we also offer such grace

            to others in creation around us

Protect us God from enticing entrapment

    in all that would separate us from your love

        And lead us away from all that creates

               suffering and pain and death,

            for us and all others.

We pray this prayer, God,

    in awareness of your love that transcends all,

your presence that reconciles,

    redeems and empowers us, together,

        now and forever.


a contemporary language paraphrase of the “Lord’s Prayer”

by Warren Lynn