Accurately measuring an individual’s fitness for ministry has been an abiding goal of the Commission On Ministry Fitness Yields (C.O.M.F.Y.) within the denomination.  After much collective spiritual discernment, the Commission set upon seeking a way to physically represent all the diverse variety of challenges one might face in vocational ministry, within an embodied and measurable metaphor. Ultimately, the Commission developed an assesment tool that mutually demonstrates and measures one’s individual fitness for ministry, as well as the person’s ability to rely upon a cohort community, for real-life success in vocational ministry.

Because the Commission strongly believes this new type of Assessment for Realizing Goals of Healthiness (A.R.G.H.) will more-accurately measure, both, the core competencies of all candidates’ for ministry, as well as reliably translate real-life abilities that are needed by anyone seeking successful ordained or commissioned ministry, this new tool will become the sole measure of whether Regional Commissions On Ministry approve and sustain an individual’s future credentials.

Formally entitled “Basic Assessment Reflecting Formation” tool, direct preparation programs for the B.A.R.F. now replace all other collective formation tools, including seminary, as the one track for future ministry. To save money, ensure good stewardship, and reflect our commitment to global mission partners, the denominational assessment facility is located in Chile. Below is a video, of actual ministry candidates taking the B.A.R.F.

Contact your local Regional Commission On Ministry for details regarding what programs are already available, and those that will become available, to help you prepare for your own B.A.R.F.'ing Certification.