SPIRITual Alchemy


Campbeltowns (typical style: robust, rich, briney.)

Glen Scotia 15yr

Glen Scotia victoriana

Kilkerran 12yr

     ~ also, K (reviewed by americans)

Kilkerran 15yr

Kilkerran sherry vs. bourbon versions

     ~ also, K sherry (reviewed by americans)

Springbank 10yr

Springbank 12yr

Springbank 15yr

Springbank 18yr peated longrow

Highlands  (typical style: varied.)

Aberfeldy 12yr

anCnoc 12yr

     ~ also, aC12 (reviewed by americans)

anCnoc 16yr

anCnoc 18yr

anCnoc 24yr

• Ardnamurchan

Clynelish 14yr

Dalmore 15yr

Dalmore 18yr

Dalwhinnie 15yr

     ~ also, Dalwhinnie (reviewed by americans)

Deanston 12yr (2020 woty)

     ~ also, D12 (reviewed by americans)

Deanston 12yr madeira finish

Deanston 15yr organic malt

Deanston 18yr

Edradour 10yr

Edradour 12yr

Glencadam 10yr

Glencadam 15yr (2017 woty)

Glencadam 21yr

GlenDronach 12yr

GlenDronach 18yr

Glenglassaugh 9yr

Glenglassaugh 31yr

Glenmorangie 10yr

Glenmorangie 12yr lasanta

Glenmorangie 14yr quinta ruban (port cask)

Glenmorangie 18yr

• Nc'nean (organic)

Oban 14yr

     ~  all about Oban

Old Pulteney 12yr

     ~ also, OP12 (reviewed by americans)

Old Pulteney 15yr

Old Pulteney 17yr

     ~ also, OP17 (reviewed by americans)

Tomatin 12yr

Tomatin 18yr

Tomatin 30yr

Tullibardine 15yr

Tullibardine 21yr

     Speysides  (typical style: rich and fruity.)

     Balvenie 12yr first fill single barrel

     Balvenie 12yr doublewood

     Balvenie 12yr taste of sweek oak

     Balvenie 14yr carribean cask

     Balvenie 14yr peat week

     Balvenie 15yr single barrel

     Balvenie 17yr doublewood

     Balvenie 21yr portwood

     Benriach 10yr

     Benriach 12yr

     Benriach 15yr px sherry

     Benriach 17yr virgin oak

     Benriach 17yr peated

     Benriach 25yr

     Benriach 25yr authenticus peated

     Benromach 10yr

           ~ also, Benromach review #2

     Craigellachie 13yr

     Craigellachie 17yr

     Cragganmore 12yr

     Glen Allachie 12yr (2019 woty)

           ~ also, GA12 (reviewed by americans)

     Glen Allacie 15yr

     Glen Allachie 18yr

     Glen Allachie 24yr cask strength

     Glenfarclas 10yr

       Glenfarclas 12yr

       Glenfarclas 15yr

       Glenfarclas 21yr

       Glenfarclas 25 yr

     Glenfarclas 105

     Glenfiddich 12yr

     Glenfiddich 15yr

     Glenfiddich 18yr

     Glen Grant 12yr

     Glen Grant 18yr

     Glenlivet 12yr

     Glenlivet 12yr illicit still

     Glenlivet 15yr french oak

          ~  Gl 15yr revisited

     Glenlivet 16yr nadurra

     Glenlivet 18yr

     Glenlivet 21yr

     Knockando 12yr

     Knockando 23yr

     Macallan 10yr

     Macallan 12yr sherry     

     Macallan 12yr double cask

          ~ also, M12dc (reviewed by americans)

     Macallan 18yr

     Mortlach 13yr

     Mortlach 15yr

     Mortlach 16yr


     Arran 10yr (2021 woty)

            ~ Arran revisit (after woty decision)

            ~ also, A10 (reviewed by americans)

     Arran 14yr

     Arran 18yr

     Arran 21yr

     Highland Park 10yr

     Highland Park 12yr viking honour

     Highland Park 18yr

     Highland Park 20yr

      • Isle of Raasay

     Jura 12yr

     Jura 15yr single cask

     Jura 18yr

     Jura 21yr

     Scapa 14yr

     Ledaig 10yr

           ~ also, L10 (reviewed by americans)

     Ledaig 18yr

     Talisker 10yr

     Talisker 18yr

     Tobermory 10yr

     Tobermory 12yr

     Tobermory 17yr madeira


Islays  (typical style: big and smokey. )

Ardbeg 5yr wee beastie

Ardbeg 10yr

Ardbeg 19yr Traigh Bhan

Ardbeg 25yr Lord of the Isles

      ~ LotI how to make a great malt last

Ardbeg Corryvreckan

Ardbeg Uigeadail

Askaig 10yr

Askaig 17yr

Bruichladdich 10yr port charlotte

Bruichladdich 16yr

Bruichladdich 22yr

Bunnahabhain 12yr

Bunnahabhain 18yr

Caol Ila 12yr

Caol Ila 14yr unpeated

Caol Ila 17yr unpeated

Caol Ila 18yr

Caol Ila 25yr

Kilchoman sherry cask

Kilchoman loch gorm

Lagavulin 11 "nick offerman"

Lagavulin 12yr

Lagavulin 16yr

     ~ also, Ln16 (reviewed by americans)

Laphroaig 10yr

     ~ also, Lg10 (reviewed by americans)

Laphroaig 16yr

     ~ also, Lg16 (reviewed by americans)

Laphroaig 18yr

Laphroaig quarter cask

     ~ also, Lgqc (reviewed by americans)

Lowlands (typical style: light, floral, fruity.)

• Annandale

Auchentoshan 12yr

Auchentoshan 18yr

Auchentoshan 21yr

Bladnoch 10yr

Bladnoch 11yr

Bladnoch 20yr

• Clydeside

Daftmill 12yr

• Girvan

• Glasgow

Glenkinchie 12yr



Ryed Mashbill

1792 BIB

1792 full proof

1792 single barrel

1792 small batch

Ancient Age

Bakers small batch

Bakers single barrel

Balcones High Rye Bourbon

Basil Hayden's

Blanton's single barrel (#135)

Blanton's single barrel (#469)

     - extra: how blanton's origin story


Buffalo Trace

     ~ also, BT review #2

Bulleit 90pf

Bulleit 10yr

Bulleit single barrel

Chestnut Farms BIB (sazerac using Barton 1792)

David Nicholson Reserve

Eagle Rare

     ~ also, ER review #2

     ~ also, ER (reviewed by a Scotsman)

Eagle Rare 17 yo 2021

Early Times BIB

E.H. Taylor small batch

E.H. Taylor single barrel

Elijah Craig barrel proof

Elijah Craig small batch

     ~ also, ECsb review #2

Elijah Craig toasted barrel

Elijah Craig 12yo

Elmer T. Lee

     ~ also, Elmer T. Lee (reviewed by a Scotsman)

Evan Williams BIB

     ~ also, EW bib (reviewed by a Scotsman)

FEW bourbon

Four Roses single barrel

     ~ also, FR single barrel (reviewed by a Scotsman)

Four Roses small batch

     ~ also, FR sm.b (reviewed by a Scotsman)

Four Roses small batch select

Four Roses 80pf

Henry McKenna BIB single barrel

Henry McKenna straight

High West American Prairie

     ~ also, HWap review #2

Ironroot Harbinger

I.W. Harper

Jim Beam single barrel

Jim Beam white label

J.W. Dant

Jefferson's Reserve

Jefferson's Presidential Reserve 16yo

J.T.S. Brown

Kentucky Owl

Kentucky Spirit (wild turkey)

Knob Creek

Knob Creek 9yr 100pf

Knob Creek single barrel reserve

Knob Creek single barrel select

Mattie Gladden (sofl)

Michter's small batch US*1

Michter's toasted barrel

Michter's 10yr single barrel

New Riff

Noah's Mill

Old Ezra 7 year

Old 55

Old Fitzgerald BIB

Old Forester 1870 "original batch"

Old Forester 1897 "bottled in bond"

Old Forester 1910 "old fine whisky"

Old Forester 1920 "prohibition style"

Old Forester "birthday bourbon 2016"

Old Forester "birthday bourbon 2021"

Old Forester single barrel

Old Forester Statesman

Old Grand Dad

     ~ also, OGD (reviewed by a Scotsman)

Old Grand Dad "bottled in bond"

Old Grand Dad 114


• Pinhook

Puncher's Chance

Rabbit Hole Heigold (high rye)

Rare Breed (wild turkey)

Remus Repeal Reserve

Rock Hill Farms

Rowan's Creek

Russell's Reserve 10 yr

Smooth Ambler Old Scout

Stagg Jr.

Very Old Barton

Wathen's single barrel

Widow Jane 10 yr

Wilderness Trail BIB small batch

     ~ WTrl sb review #2


Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey 101

     ~ also, WT101 review #2

     ~ also, WT 101 (reviewed by a Scotsman)

Wise Man (KY Owl)

Woodford Reserve ds

     ~ also, WR review #2

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked


     ~ Woodinville review #2

Yellowstone Hand Picked single barrel

Yellowstone Select

Wheated Mashbill

David Nicholson 1843

     ~ also, David Nicholson 1843


     ~ also, Larceny review #2

Larceny barrel proof

Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark cask strength

Maker's Mark 101

Maker's Mark 46

Maker's Mark 46 cask strength

Maker's Mark cask strength

Old Elk wheated cask strength

Old Fitzgerald

Redemption wheated

Rebel Yell

Rebel 10 yr.

Smooth Ambler big level wheated

Spirits of French Lick the wheater

TX texas straight bourbon - barrel proof

Weller 12yr

Weller antique 107

Weller full proof

Weller special reserve

Wilderness Trail BIB single barrel

Wyoming Whiskey

Four-grain Mashbill

Balcones bourbon

E.H. Taylor 4-grain BIB

Lee W. Sinclair (sofl)

     ~ also, L.W.S review #2     

Lee W. Sinclair BIB (sofl)

Rabbit Hole Cavehill (4-grain)

Finished Bourbons

Angel's Envy

     ~ also, Angel's Envy review #2

Freeland Spirits

J. Rieger Private Stock


Rabbit Hole Dareringer (sherry finished)

Blended Bourbons (and whiskey/y)

Blade And Bow

High West Campfire

Smooth Ambler Contradiction

• Sweetens Cove Kennessee