... habitation of mercurial mystery and wild inspiration. Religion, on the other hand, seems it would rather hold court with more sure characters like determined orthodoxy and defined behavior.

Some see spirituality as religion's dangerously-uncontrollable cousin. Of course, others see religion as spirituality's narrow-minded snooty uncle. Truth is, though, both are members of the same family. They each, actually, spend a great deal of time playfully visiting and enjoying the company of the other. And, at the biggest and best celebrations, they even enjoy dancing together amidst the great ballrooms of collective history and personal expression.  

Still, each of us is likely drawn to the company of one of them, more-often than the other.  Unique personalities, generational and cultural differences, the pain of past experiences, formative nurture from others, and more -- all give shape to whether we each feel more-comfortable within the presence of spirituality or religion.

For those for whom religion is the more-consoling companion, the links on this page may simply be a way of introducing you to the mutual and intimate partner of the one from whom you seek solace.

For those of you who experience spirituality as the one whose embrace settles your soul to a greater degree, the links on this page may help you understand, more-clearly, why that is so.

And yet, any wisdom that might be curated on this page is only as valuable as we are each willing to offer generous hospitality within the house of holy habitation for all who are part of the family.

Spirituality sometimes seems more the ...

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