... of our neighbor’s needs should be as much a part of the church’s ministry as is the provision of regular worship and prayer support. If we pray for the health of a person, but do not help them overcome hypertension or maintain healthy levels of blood sugar, we are not ministering to the whole person. If we facilitate regular worship experiences that raise a person’s spirit, but do not provide programs to help them keep physically fit, we fail to minister to all that God has given these other children of God the potential to be.  If we teach the stories of the Bible, but do not teach God’s children how to care for their most precious gift from God, their body, we may be failing to build a spiritual legacy that is most fully faithful to God’s call to ministry.

Parish nursing programs can provide a variety of ways for congregations to minister to the whole person. They also provide a faithful example and witness to the world around us, regarding how we interpret the Biblical call to “love your neighbor,” “care for the least of these,” go forth and “heal the sick and lame,” and more.  

Perhaps more congregations, and members therein, would do well to consider how they are responding to God’s call to mission in their communities, in ways that deal with the wholeness of human need.  

This page offers a variety of links to resources that can empower parish nursing ministries, in a way that might also transform your entire congregation.

Faith Community Nursing

addiction and recovery spirituality

addiction withdrawl/rehab resources

addiction treatment

an introduction to parish nursing

basic steps to starting health

                           ministry program

     - see also: 7 steps to starting a new ministry

books about parish nursing

bridging the gap between

                          medicine & healing

canadian association for parish nursing

drug rehab.com

drug rehab.org

f.a.q.'s about starting a health ministry

health ministries (u.s.) association

health topics newsletter

information about parish nursing programs

parish nursing as a solution (polis center)

parish nursing overview

parish nurse resource center

spirituality and parish nursing care

westberg Institute

what do parish nurses do?

denominational programs:


     elca parish nurse association

     episcopal health ministries

     lcms health ministries

          see also:  lcms parish nursing

     united methodist parish nursing

state by state (and canada)

parish nurse training programs:

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     new jersey

     new york

     north carolina

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The physical and emotional care ...

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     south dakota #2


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     texas #2

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     west virginia



a couple disciples of christ

parish nurse ministries:

    portsmouth, virginia

     spencer, Iowa