Tilsley Cartoons

Bruce Tilsley (1932 - 2012) ...

... was a gifted artist, Disciples lay leader, and original designer of the Disciples Chalice graphic. You can read more about Bruce’ life at the following page:  

Bruce Tilsley Memorial Page

The story is told of an informal consultation with Bruce regarding the development of a symbol for the denomination. In short order, from a rough sketch on the back of a napkin, Bruce created what we now now as the Disciples Chalice. As they say, “the rest is history.”

To the left are links to additional (downloadable) graphics in cartoon format that Bruce created many years ago with the intent and permission for other Disciples to use, if they so desired. I thought you might enjoy especially seeing some of Bruce’ wonderful “chalice people” sketches.

With Bruce’ expressed permission, I also took a couple of his cartoons some years ago while in pastoral ministry, and digitally combined them to use for a Pony Express stewardship campaign. The resulting graphic can be seen by clicking the following link:

Chalice Rider graphic

Chalice People

    master sheet


























    cc (doc).jpg

    chalice go.jpg

    chalice w/ hands.jpg

    chalice w/ stole.jpg

    chalice to dove.jpg

    chalice says.jpg

    church news.jpg

    pony express rider.jpg

Canine graphics






    playing guitar.jpg

    at microphone.jpg


to download public domain "Chalice Font"

(option + c) will produce a Postscript chalice character

you can scale by font size and modify by color.

graphic by Bruce Tilsley