Among several factors, one key component ...

... disabling the ability of many congregations to become truly transforming communities, centered around vibrant missional activity, is that so many of the leaders in such communities are experiencing often-preventable health challenges, debilitating burnout, risky addictions of one kind or another, lack of broad spiritual depth, an undisciplined life, unhealthy attitudes of self-entitlement and/or any number of other foundational roadblocks to a personal effectiveness in leadership and life. 

If you are a lay or vocational leader in any system of ministry, whether within a congregation or with an organization beyond a local faith community, consider this Website as a gift of possibilities for healing, empowering and facilitating your personal integrity and communal leadership potential. 

You might also discover that living is so much more enjoyable when you can experience it from a healthier position of ongoing, attentive, wholeness.