a flash of inspiration is a spirit-given moment of grace ....

Visual Arts

... In wonder the image is received; in a labor of love the image is given to substance.  The process is different for each artist but will usually involve many incarnations of the image being produced.  While the variations on visual art are endless, the creation of something entirely new is a sacred quest, a gift received and given again.

Artists have a responsibility to hone the discipline necessary for carrying out this process. As the final creation emerges, each artist struggles to grow and change in order to maintain the potential of an initial vision.  It is a humbling experience to realize the fulfillment of a vision; the gift of inspiration has crossed mystical boundaries to become a concrete entity.  

The visual arts lend themselves to the obvious use of symbolism. Sacred art, especially, makes deliberate use of established symbols to uncover and create new interpretations.  These interpretations are not static, for whatever the artist’s intent, the meanings received by viewers depend on their own past experiences and perceptions.  It is the responsibility of the viewer to maintain an open and receptive mindset.  This interaction between artist and viewer is the interplay between inspiration and witness to grace.

- Patia Rarick, artist

Above are some example portfolios of visual art in various forms.

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May such inspire your own possibilities for artistic expression as a spiritual practice.

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If you would like this page to include other visual art work as example, please email quality digital photos of any such artwork and include: name(s) of artist(s), style of art, appropriate permissions and releases to use such images, and a note about why you understand such examples to be expressions of spiritual practice. Please send submissions to  Warren Lynn .

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