An Invocation of Spirit

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Turn your spirit inward for a moment.

Find your place in the presence of God.

Allow all that is YOU become a prayer to the One who creates us anew in each moment of our lives.

And in God’s wonderful and dangerous company, I would invite you to offer the words I am about to say as a prayer for your own life:

               -Breathing in I feed my spirit,

               –Breathing out I cleanse my soul.


Now, let each of us turn our spirit outward.

Let us listen for the truth in this place; listen especially for prophetic leading of

     Spirit’s guidance into the midst of community.


For true spirituality, is always intensely personal, ...but never private.  

It is in our out-pouring of life and faith we most truly experience salvation.  It is in our spilling over into the lives of God’s other children around us, with increasing waves of selfless generosity (refreshed currents of ministry and service) -- ...that eternal meaning and purpose bubbles up into the soul of our own lives, as well.


So let your breathing in become like a prayer of intention to God’s potential that is now in you.

And, let your breathing out be like an affirmation of God’s direction leading you to make room for something new and hopeful that is coming to be.

And let the collective presence of our gathered community offer a bold and invigorating witness to the world that calls all God’s children into a shared life of generous celebration and eternal joy.


(a contemplative guided meditational prayer)

© Warren Lynn; 2001