Based on an idea by Marjorie J. Thompson

an exercise in listening to God


Compose yourself in quiet

1.     Light a candle

2.     Relax

3.     Breathe deeply, gently

4.     Re-collect yourself before God

Ponder a significant question you have about your life (not an abstract question)

Pose your question to God. It may help to imagine asking Jesus.

Be in silence, open to what comes with complete honesty. Don’t try to think up an answer.

1.     Allow images, impressions, words, feelings, intuitions to surface.

2.     If insights arise, note them on paper.

3.     If nothing comes, don’t worry. Try one of these:

          •     Go for a walk with no agenda

          •     Pick up clay, paper & crayons, or something creative and just play

          •     Journal a dialogue: allow an interior conversation to unfold on paper between

                    you and God/Jesus/Spirit.

If something comes to you as gift, give thanks!

If you think you might have gotten some clue, pray to stay alert to further signs.

If nothing discernible “happened,” ask to hear/see what you need over the next few days.

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