the early celtic christian communities...

in western Scotland often referred to the sacred Isle of Iona as a “thin place,” a place where the veil separating the physical world from the spiritual realms became almost transparent. Iona was experienced as a place where folks could actually walk in both worlds at the same time. Many people experience this same sense even today.

Each spiritual leader has their own favorite “thin place(s)” in the world; physical places that are sacred and holy for an ability they foster to help people walk in both the physical and spiritual realms of creation, simultaneously. Such specific geographic realms become places of pilgrimage in order that the pilgrim might renew their gifts for the remainder of life’s journeys. These places are rest stops along the way, filling stations for the soul, temporary habitations or oasis where pilgrims are empowered to become more who they are each called to be, simply by being.

Follow the link at the left to locate a variety of retreat centers that others already count on as thin places for healing the rifts that too-often separate our physical lives from our spiritual realities.

Seriously dreaming of starting a small retreat facility but don’t have a gazillion dollars to invest in infrastructure?  Here’s a possible creative resource for housing facilities a friend told me about, that is still a serious investment, but likely more-approachable and flexible than other options.


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