What is a Money Autobiography

...and how do you write one?


As you do your annual planning to meet the financial goals of the church’s budget, consider asking attenders of Church School classes or other small groups to write their “Money Autobiography” using these questions: (If group members are comfortable in sharing with one another, perhaps the answers could be discussed in the group.)

  1. What was the role of money in your childhood?

  2.What is your happiest memory in connection with money?

                                                                            The unhappiest?

  3. What attitudes did your mother and father have toward money?

  4. Did you feel poor or rich as a child?

  5. Did you worry about money?

  6. What was your attitude toward money as a teenager?

  7. What role did money play in your life as a young adult?

                                                                       ... As a parent?

                                                                       ... At age 45 or other ages?

  8. How do you feel about your present financial status? Why?

  9. What will your income be at age 65?

10. Will you inherit money? Do you think about that?

11. Do you spend money on yourself easily?

12. Do you feel guilty about the money you have?

13. Do you take risks with money?

14. If you lacked money,

            how would you feel about others helping you pay your rent?

15. If you have money, how would you feel about paying a friend’s rent?

16. Do you tithe (10% of all income)? How do you feel about this?

17. Have you made a will? Why or why not?