Textual Practices

whether intended or not, helpful or hurtful, conscious or beyond consciousness, emotional or intellectual-based, and in a variety of other contexts -- words have tremendous power to not only explain our place in the world, but actually create realities and experiences.

Words have been used to liberate and enslave. Words heal and they also can kill.  The person whose particular words get used as intended, tends to be the person who has power.

Within historical Christian communities, especially, words have been used to shape faith and spirituality in dynamic ways, even to the point that such communities often speak of “The Word” as a metaphor for God-incarnate. The challenge is to let “Word” speak to us in enriching, liberating, healing ways -- even through literary texts, without OUR particular words having to be the ones that control the conversation.

The links on this site will direct you to practices and resources that a variety of leaders have found helpful for deepening their own faith and generosity in the world.

words count...