music is sometimes described as ...

... a language of Spirit.  Certainly, it is one of the languages of the human soul, along with other such voices as silence, generosity and humility that find themselves amidst a much larger choir.

Still, music is one of those things that humans seem to need in order to thrive, in order express themselves most-fully, in order to mine the depths of their spiritual potential and know God most fully in this world.

There are many leaders among us who can point to the lowest experience of their life, when music helped saved them from a death in some form or another. Many of these same people can also tell you when it was music that helped them rise to the highest pinnacles of spiritual strength and vitality, and a connection to the divine. Think of many of the most important events, rituals, experiences within the spiritual and social communities of your life (and the most powerful films you’ve ever seen); what would many of those events been like without the music that was part of them?

Where-ever you find yourself in life in the current moment, consider making some kind of music an intentional part of your spiritual practice; a means to wholeness.

Perhaps you can begin learning to play an instrument. Learn a new song to sing. Put a hymnal beside your bed and meditate upon the lyrics of a different song each night. Join a choir.  Find a local drum or flute circle in which to participate.

Mostly, have fun and look for Spirit smiling and dancing between the notes.