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... the organic medium of wood is an especially pleasing material to work with as a spiritual practice. Wood holds the mystical quality of once being alive. A creature whose initial purpose has been fulfilled, with a second opportunity for transformation into new purpose and meaning through the artist’s skill. Perhaps, it was no accident that Jesus was a carpenter.

Take a look at the portfolios above from wood-crafters who work with a sense that their creative process is a spiritual endeavor that keeps them more-intimately connected with the movement of Spirit in this world.

Also, check out Mark Whitley’s work at:  mwhitley.com

Mark is a musician, wood-crafter, and active member of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Mark crafted the pulpit, communion table, lectern and other liturgical furniture for the Bowling Green Church.  Mark has a deep and intuitive sense of wood-crafting as spiritual practice.

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