We are all artists in some way ...

... We have given various definitions which serve our purposes, but the scope of what can be called art is broadly inclusive of all human endeavor.  The traditional labels we use; music, theater, dance, visual arts, literature, poetry, even scripture -- as well as the intangible expressions which might include the arts of worship, medicine, cooking, hospitality, scientific inquiry, love, etc.. All such endeavors, and more, reveal forms of expression that can transcend mere skill.

Our task is to be receptive to those moments wherein the grace of inspiration can guide us and be transformed into recognizable expression that is shared with community. We all recognize an art form when we encounter it in our lives, for it speaks to spirit. And as such, art is interactive. The reception of art is the bookend to its inception. We crave spiritual nourishment -- and the recognition, creation and enjoyment of the arts are all ways to feed spirit.

-Patia Rarick, artist

The Arts as Spiritual Practice

Take a look at the links on the left side of this page, and below, for examples of how others create art as spiritual practice in their own lives. May it inspire you to use the creativity God gives you, in an artistic way as a part of your own regular spiritual practice.