A helpful spiritual practice enhances ...

... our ability to see Reality more clearly - Reality which is infused with the presence of the Sacred. Writing poetry can set the stage for just such clarity of “seeing.” Finding the right word or phrase to capture the essence of an experience requires that the poet strip away the excess and the inconsequential, in order to truly get at what really matters. And because poetry (whether rhyming or free-form) involves rhythm and cadence, it helps the poet stay in tune with a broader spectrum of life than merely what can be perceived with a logical, “left-brain” approach to life.

Poetry is also well-suited for honoring the Mystery of life and Spirit. There is room for ambiguity. And last, but certainly not least, poetry offers a wonderful medium through which we can connect - heart to heart to another or the Other. I can share my experience of Spirit with another person in a way which is deeper and more profound than simply “telling” them about it. The boundaries of “us” and “them” can begin to melt away.

   As Jodi Foster’s character “Ellie” says in the movie “Contact” when she finds herself face to face with the great mystery of the universe, “They should have sent a poet.”

~ by Roger Lynn  (pastor, poet, photographer, Webmaster)

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