Do you decide or discern ...


... the matters of your life?  Some would say both are one in the same. Certainly, discernment involves coming to a decision, but there are those who would say that someone who has simply made a decision about a matter has NOT necessarily invoked a practice of discernment.  Discernment is deeper than mere decision-making. As a spiritual practice it is less about what the individual wants to do, and more about what God is seeking for the individual.  It involves a mindfulness to all possibilities and results.

Vocationally, many think only in terms of, “where am I going to find my next job?”  But discernment might seek after the deeper question of, “Where is God calling me next, into vocational service?”  

Often leaders in the church ask people to volunteer for various positions and responsibilities, without ever considering, or helping the potential volunteer to consider, whether God is asking the same thing.

The few links on the left side of this page offer tools to help us all move away from simply deciding about matters in our lives, and move into the practice of healthy spiritual discernment about our faithful living.