Seasonal Practices

... a powerful source for deep spiritual practice to transform our living. Whether the seasons of nature, of personal experience, or even the ecclesiastical seasons of religious tradition -- human life ebbs and flows through a variety of cycles and changes.  Being mindful of such, tapping in to the wisdom of these transient moments of experience, can provide a rhythm for our lives to bring us deeper into relationship with God and others. An attentive life, lived responsively to the conditions of each season in which we find ourselves can bring a wealth of what we need most in the moment: perhaps new energy, a time of fruitful creativity, a relief of overwhelming burden, even a deep restfulness.

You are invited to make an inventory of all the “seasons” in which you find yourself, and consider what is being offered as the unique gifts of such times that you may draw closer to God, to others, to all of creation.

The seasons of our lives are ...


     - growing still prayer -- Br. David S-R

     - landscapes of grief

     - learning to walk in the dark

     - longest night labyrinth walk guide

     - sorrow and grief

     - wilderness thoughts

     - wintering: seasonal living

     - winter's dramatic conversion

     - winter solstice


     - prayer for spring's arrival

     - time change hymn

     - winter's dramatic conversion


     - holy adventures

     - peace is just a breath away

     - practicing gratitude


     - accepting change

     - all souls/saints day: grieving extinct species

     - book review: autumn

     - feast of st. francis

     - honoring harvest & release

     - invitations of autumn: seasonal practice

     - prayers for thanksgiving

     - reflections on the season

     - settling in to an unsettled life

     - spirituality of Autumn

     - spirituality for the season and some fun

     - start of autumn and letting go



     - advent meditation: cynthia bourgeault

     - advent meditation: james finley

     - advent meditation: richard rohr

     - advent prayers

     - the advent door

     - God's Hospitality: Advent Practices

     - hanging of the greens

     - jan richardson images / advent

     - longest night

     - manifesto: does my soul still sing?

     - praying in color: advent resources

     - seasonal meditions cultivating Joy,

                                   kindness, & gratitude


     - christmas poems

     - christmas prayers

     - every man heart lay down story

     - grief during the holidays

     - horse-women of the netherlands

     - jan richardson images / christmas

     - Raven: indigenous story of incarnation

          Raven story  as winter art


     - following a star

     - jan richardson images / epiphany


     - ashes blessing

     - ash smudge guide

     - ash wednesday labyrinth walk idea

     - ash wednesday prayer

     - buechner on lent

     - carbon fast for lent:

          carbon fast -- about

          carbon fast -- WIPL

          carbon fast pledge sheet

          carbon fast lenten example 1

          carbon fast lenten example 2

     - devotional: d365 / journey to the cross

     - 40: I gave myself some time away

     - fresh take on lent

     - good friday prayer

     - ideas (40) for lent

     - jan richardson images / lent

     - living lent: what could i do?

     - palm sunday prayer

     - poems for lent

     - poetry of lent (salt project)

     - practices:

             ancient disciplines/modern life

             bird watching

             praying, fasting, serving

     - prayers for light

     - praying in color: lenten templates

     - seven things to give up for lent

     - spiritual check-up for lent (download)


     - easter prayer

     - holy week: dealing with

               the shadow side of the passion

     - holy week survival guide for clergy

     - jan richardson images / easter


     - jan richardson images / pentecost

Ordinary Time

     - jan richardson images / ordinary time