Stewardship Practices

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stewardship is about more than money...

Someone once said, “it is about everything you do with everything you have.” Stewardship as holy practice includes each and all of the practices, thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, responses, relationships, material goods, physical body, desires, intellect, habits, abilities, and more that are a part of who we are in this world. Stewardship is about how we participate fully in the human and more-than-human world wherein we have come to be, and belong.

Christian scriptures may remind humans that nothing can separate each of us, and all of us together, from the fullest eternity of divine love. However, the filters through which we experience such as either gift or curse often depend upon the kind of life of stewardship we lead amidst all our living.

The links located to the left are just a few places to begin a mindful practice of becoming the kind of wise steward God’s original blessing intended.