addiction and recovery (being)

addiction recovery during higher education

addiction treatment

addiction resources support information

addiction withdrawl/rehab resources

advice for habitual health

alban institute main page

anger management techniques (pdf)

assessing wellbeing tool

avoiding ministry mis-matches

becoming the person you were

    meant to be: where to start (a. Lamott)

bibliography - topical

brain function:

     why it is so hard to do the right thing

burnout prevention

burnout factor: idea for ministry

centered in ministry:

               vocational perspective

challenges to wholeness

clergy self-care series

clergy wellness: what lay-women can do!

colors of hope: experiencing the divine and

     all of creation through embodied practice

congregational resource guide

congregations gone wild

connection between spiritual and    

                                    physical health

depression and the soul (being)

dilemma of pastoral expectations


easing disaster-related anxiety

faithful and fractured:

     responding to the clergy health crisis

flourishing in ministry:

          pastoral well-being research insights

good posture tips for relieving stress

grace net:

          unbinding gospel, coaching, consulting

grief: a pilgrim's journey (28 reflections)

growing older and still God's creation


health & wellness introduction

how much anxiety is too much anxiety

leaderwise (formerly Ministry Development Center)

listening generously--r.remen (being)

living with illness: meditations &  practices

mayo clinic tools

mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR)

ministering to ministers

ministry development council

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wellness resources