Word-smith as spiritual practice

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... but words can never hurt me!” Such is the affirmation every child has ever uttered in self-defense of sharply thrown pronouncements. Or, perhaps the child has been told such by some well-meaning adult who seeks to comfort a wee one who has been mugged by vicious rumor.  But lies are not becoming of we who claim to be children of God.

Words do hurt; they can wound in vicious and violent ways. But so can words heal and comfort. Words claim, both, reconciliation and war, life and death. Words are powerful tools within the human community. And, a gifted word-smith is a very powerful person upon this planet.

The practice of crafting words into truth, whether beautiful aspirations of what can be, or penetrating clarity regarding what already is, can be a deeply spiritual practice. How do you use words to nurture Spirit?  How do you mindfully craft verbal images that move sisters and brothers closer to an illuminated grace, or safely out of some abyss of dark hopelessness? Do you remember the words in some past moment that mattered most, for good or ill; what were they, why were they?  

Take a look at the links on this page. Some provide examples of how others use words as a spiritual practice. Some provide wisdom for your own wordsmith work.

Remember, words do matter. May you be inspired to use words well, as a part of your own regular spiritual practice.

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones ...