Like a bright light on a dark night ...

... well written books and other resources offer a way to see through that which blinds us, whether it be narrow thinking, intolerance, or even just a lack of the best way to speak of a truth that has already settled deeply in our way of living, but for which we “don’t quite know how to put into words that which we have known to be true for some time now.”

A good book can change all that. The good words of another person can seem exactly like a light shining in the darkness to show us the way home.

But good words can challenge us also; call us to a higher integrity in our faith and life, warn us of the hazards ahead on the path we travel, keep us honest when we would try to get by on unfounded hearsay and fearful gossip.

Truth will indeed set us free; and it can be even more powerful when the messenger knows how to “put it” just right.

While this bibliography section is not intended to be an exhaustive nor complete list of all available materials, you are invited to check out the few resources mentioned in this section for wisdom that indeed comes like a light in the darkness.

If you know of resources that should be in this bibliography, but are not currently listed, please suggest their inclusion by sending an email note to Please include “Well-Fed Spirit Website addition request” in the subject line.


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