Story Path Labyrinth

Not just for Spiritual groups.

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If you are a secular and/or educational organization who works with children, The Story Path© may be a great resource for your work, as well.

• Do you need a methodology for helping children transition from more-active

     programming to quieter times?

• Is story-telling part of your curriculum/methodology of teaching?

• Do you like to actively and holistically engage children in your learning


• Do you have children who learn better by doing rather than just hearing?

• Do you encourage children to be creative, inquisitive, and curious in order to

     increase their learning potential.

The Story Path© is a resource to engage children’s whole minds by bringing their physical experience into the learning pedagogy.  

Two examples might be:

1. Incorporating story time with The Story Path©. If you have a story that involves journeying, travel, or going from one place to another --  consider how you would “bring the children along on the journey” to “hear” the story in a new way. Invite them to walk The Story Path© as a group during part or all of the story while it is being told by the one leading the walk.

2. Using The Story Path© in times of transitioning from highly active experiences (recreation, games, playground) to quieter activities (story time, naps, etc.). As the children come move from the active experience, invite them to line up at the entrance to The Story Path©. Have an adult leader invite them one by one, with space between each child and the next one, to slowly walk The Story Path© to the center. Have then practice breathing slowly and deeply while they are walking. Once in the center, they can then return to their seat, or nap cot, or a special quiet place of their choosing to rest until all have finished walking.

The Story Path© is not is not a place for only religious or spiritual activities. Rather, it is somewhat of a blank slate upon which the values and needs of each person, group, organization or community can be creatively integrated.

Knowing that the reality of “journeying” is a archetypal paradigm upon which most human experience is founded, The Story Path© is most authentically understood to be a creative resource for any group to, both, express and experience this notion of journeying in ways that are more holistically empowering than merely sight or sound can accomplish.

You are invited, then, to not simply tell your children about a journey that someone made, but take them along, with their bodies and imaginations, as they too see what happens along the way!

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