Story Path Labyrinth

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Name: The Story Path©

Developed by: Warren Lynn &

                                   John Ridder

Design owned by: Innate Creations

Labyrinth size: 12’ diameter

Center size: 5’ diameter

Style: 3-circuit triune

Colors: Cerulean blue lines &

                Garden green focal point

Intention: Children’s formation




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A place to journey with the stories of faith

The Story Path© is a new labyrinth designed for the next

generation of labyrinth pilgrims:

• An intentional labyrinth; designed to enhance the educational and spiritual

   formation of children.

• Intended to empower a child’s experience when story-telling, contemplative

   practice, and/or need for centering space is a valued component for their

   formative experience.

• Allows for learning stories, creative expression, praying, centering, and

   worshipping in ways that add kinesthetic sensory input into each child’s

   spiritual and educational learning and expression.

• secular and spiritual models of learning become more of a whole-body

   phenomenological experience.


Here are a few of the intentional considerations that went

into the design of The Story Path©:

•a shorter pathway than most other labyrinths facilitates the often shorter

   attention spans of children, as well as the ability to use it in partnership with

   other experiences/lessons/activities when the available time is limited.

•a smaller diameter labyrinth (fits in 12’ square space) to accommodate the

   often-smaller educational/worship spaces available for children’s programs.

•a larger ratio of labyrinth dedicated to center gathering area (5’ diameter

   center) allows for group of children & leader to meet sitting in circle.

•a focal point (green circle) draws attention of children to center; a place for

   story & worship pieces to be placed.

•designed to be integrated into other established programs such as secular

   Montessori school models, Godly Play, Children Worship and Wonder, Young

   Children and Worship, Sunday and Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School,

   Zendo programs for children, and more.

•colors to allow for use of symbolic, liturgical, metaphorical, and archetypal


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