Story Path Labyrinth

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Pricing Information

The Story Path© is currently available as a package resource for $399. This includes:

• 12’ diameter Story Path labyrinth, on hemmed square #12 canvas duck

     fabric that is drawn and then hand-painted;

• A Storage Backpack;

• The Story Path© information documentation. This documentation

     provides information about The Story Path©, detailed seed ideas to

     begin using right away and spark your own creativity, a Story Path©

     finger labyrinth graphic;

• A free consulting support offer.


Shipping and handling is $25 extra (UPS Ground), if shipped to an address in the United States

(excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Contact us for Alaska and Hawaii shipping rates.

For additional information, or to order, contact John Ridder of Paxworks:

(317) 842 - 2997

If you have a tight budget, you may contact John Ridder at Paxworks about a Story Path© that

is drawn on the canvas, but still needs to be painted by the buyer, for $299, plus shipping.*

If you prefer different colored lines and/or focal point, there is a $50 upcharge for this

customization for the painted-version labyrinth.

*For the $299 version, not-yet-painted, labyrinth you will need to purchase your own flat latex paint, and do the work of painting the already

drawn design, yourself. John can provide information about how much paint and what amount of time you will need for the painting.

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