prayer is often confined... a sort of wish list to a “Santa Claus Jesus.” But truer, more-holy, prayer is so much more wholly–involving of our complete lives. Some folks have found ways of prayer through mindfulness to breath, in how they move and dance, with affirmative efforts of justice and compassion, in service to the more-than-human world, and even in how they respond to drivers who cut them off in rush-hour traffic and colleagues who treat them without respect in business dealings.

Some describe prayer as a dance with the divine. It is an intimate practice of relationship wherein we graciously, mindfully, humbly seek more to follow God’s lead than be the leader.  So might prayer be compared to a conversation between human and divine hearts, wherein we  who are human are more inclined to listen for God, rather than always only concerned with telling God what is on our mind.

Another metaphor for prayer has also been described as a walk in the park for the Lover and the beloved; sometimes the best part is when there is nothing left to say and the two simply enjoy being in each other’s presence, silently, devotedly, with a joy that soars in on the wings of commitment and companionship.

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about prayer (oboedire)

anabaptist prayer book

answering your own prayers

approaching prayer (sof - npr)

art as prayer

breathing: a way to pray without ceasing

cave-digger: manual labor as prayer form

centering prayer

circles in the sand -- ephemeral beach labyrinths

compilation of various prayers

contemplative mind - centering prayer

contemplative mind - jesus prayer

contemplative prayer (@

contemplative prayer for everyone

contemplative prayer primer

cultivating a quiet mind

daily bearings (bubble prayers)

daily office

definition: one simple powerful one

disposition of the heart

divine dance: practicing     

    spiritual discipline of prayer

eco-divina: praying with nature prayer

franciscan blessing (a non-traditional prayer)

silent embrace (essay)

first prayer

gravity glue: a contemplative practice in nature

growing still prayer -- Br. D S-R

having a prayer (essay)

invocation of spirit

labyrinth prayer worship: listening for spirit

lectio divina practice (oboedire)

light a candle - sacred action

listening generously -- dr. rachel naomi remen (sof)

“Lord’s Prayer”--

        ~ abwoon d'bwashmaya

        ~ aramaic

        ~ contemporary

        ~ from new zealand

        ~ non-theistic

mandalas of sand

merton prayer (video)

mezuzah practice

mindfulness prayer (essay)

new hymn -- an invocation

practices for finding peace

pray as you go ...

     ... prayer for a mobile lifestyle

praying in color

praying with the earth:

        a prayer book for peace

oboedire: a site for attentive spiritual formation

poem, reflection, and prayer

prayer for last breaths

prayer at listening (j.s.harper)

prayer following a national insurrection

prayers for living

prayer for the traveler

prayers for peace, community,    

                         patience & foresight

prayer for when it all finally goes right

prayer of peace (song video)

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