Worship Practices

... is expressed in countless ways, according to a variety of theological, ecclesiastical, ethnic. generational, cultural, societal, financial, communal and other perspectives.

Near its worst, worship becomes a privatized and rote exercise that actually dulls our relationship with God and each other, and effects harm on portions of God's creation.

Closer to its best, worship strengthens communal and personal intimacy with God and others, and empowers a holistic healing across the creative realm of God.

May we always be asking the challenging questions about how we worship, and what such worship accomplishes -- for good or ill.  May our crafting of worship be mindful enough to pay attention to each word we choose to use or discard, and openly creative enough to craft broad empowering expressions of transformational possibility.

The links on this page are places to begin, for our considerations regarding how we worship as God's beloved community in creation.

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