Contemplative Practices

... to correctly diagnose disease, or find a cure.  A motor run too hard, too long, is likely to experience catastrophic failure.  A child who never learns to sit quietly in class is less-likely to learn from the teacher’s wisdom for how to be successful in current and later life, in the best sense. A person who does not know how to center their own soul in a rigorously restful and attentive way is more likely to be undone by the swirling chaotic energies of this world in which we live.

Such quiescence and centering is vital to a truly healthy spirituality. Learning to focus one’s soul contemplatively can go a long way toward seeing truthfully in this world, living rightly in one’s personal life, relating faithfully amidst community. In fact, experience has shown that meditation and living mindfully, can help with everything from vocationally-related stress and chronic pain, to the development of wise leadership skills and pragmatically healthy decision-making.  Contemplative practice helps clear out the clutter that keeps us from hearing God and experiencing holiness.  

Many people convince themselves that they are just not the kind of people who can sit still. Sometimes, potential is never reached because people believe a lie that they can never be anything more than they already are, that God is impotent to transform their way of being in the world. Then, these people live accordingly, slowly, into hopelessness, doubt, and a too-small-life.

Take a look at the practices lifted up in the links on the left side of this page. Try them on for size. See if they might, indeed, become the seeds to a more spacious, healthier, empowering transformation of how you live, lead, and understand yourself to be in this world.

A microscope, unfocused, is not likely...

art of stillness (TED talk)

art of stillness (book)

audio prilgrimage w/ Thich Nhat Hanh

a form of body prayer (video)

beach-combing as spiritual practice

born to walk

breath as prayer

centering an anxious soul

inner landscape of beauty

     (the late John O'Donohue)

listening generously

     (Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen)

science of mindfulness

     (Jon Kabat-Zinn interview)

spiritual nomad finds sacred space

the body's grace (m.sanford)

world through the hands

yoga: meditation in action

being still

being present

bell sound meditation (arthur zajonc)

benedict's rules

benedict's rule: instruments of good works

can meditation help control mindless eating?


     contemplative example of manual labor

centering prayer

center for contemplative mind in society

circles in the sand --

     ephemeral beach labyrinths

contemplation -- one definition

contemplative mind - centering

contemplative mind - contemplation

contemplative mind - meditation

contemplative mind - walking

contemplative prayer

contemplative studies in university setting

cultivating a quiet mind

daily bearings (bubble meditations)

daily discernment exercise

         (examen of consciousness)

d365: daily devotion

daily office

desert breath

details: where god is found

disposition of the heart

doing nothing as spiritual care

"dreaming creation" contemplative photo project

dwelling in the word

ending the day well being still a place to meditate

feast for the soul

40: I gave myself some time away

five-minute refresh meditation

friends of the mystery

gravity glue: a contemplative practice in      

     art, environment, stillness & play

great bell chant (end of suffering)

growing still prayer -- Br. D S-R

grumbling as sin


inside passages: wilderness retreats


invite wonder (poem)

invocation of spirit

joy of quiet

just breathe: mindfulness for children

just breathe theory

lectio divina

listen carefully

listening to God -- an exercise

living spiritually

meditation as wellness tool

meditations cultivating joy, kindness, gratitude

meditation of the heart

meditate with:

     - art

     - music

     - poetry

     - reading

mindful eating

mindfulness prayer

mindfulness practice meditation

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