It is likely a forced endeavor to ...

... compartmentalize activities and resources for spiritual nurture into one, or another, specific category.  So, also does it seem somewhat inaccurate to separate spiritual practice from wellness initiatives.  Both realms are often interwoven at intersections of possibility, behavior and activity. 

Additionally, one “type” of spiritual practice often includes components or emphasis of another type.  For instance, walking a labyrinth is often a practice of prayer, meditation, sabbath-keeping, and more all rolled into one activity.  Prayer, itself, can take many forms including worship, meditation, hospitality, sabbath-keeping and more.

You are, thus, invited to meander through this Website and take in all the possibilities for the transformation of your life and faith. If one idea in one area seems, for you, to fit better in another area or category ... such insight means you are probably on a good pathway toward discovering how spirituality and wellness are really complimentary considerations for all we are gifted to be, in this one precious life we each have been bestowed.


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